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It's the goal to provide you, the customer a higher level scent experience. That includes the packaging and communication.  The fastest way to get a response is to email coco@whiskeyandwoof.com or to send a direct message on Instagram to @whiskey_and_woof Thank you for supporting my small business for four years.  Wishing you good smells only,  Coco 

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Embracing Distinction: Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Oils vs. Synthetic Fragrances

In the realm of scents, we encounter two contenders vying for olfactory supremacy: the exquisite natural essential oil fragrance oils and the refined synthetic fragrances. While both possess the power to grace our lives with captivating aromas, it is essential to discern the fundamental disparities between these fragrant options. In this exclusive blog post, we shall embark on a discerning exploration of their defining characteristics, production methods, and potential impacts on our sensory well-being. Prepare to immerse yourself in the opulent world of scents. The Essence of Origin: The first opulent divergence between natural essential oil fragrance oils and synthetic fragrances lies within their origins. Natural essential oil fragrance oils emanate from the lavish realm of botanicals, where plants, flowers,...

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Room & Body Sprays

Using room and body sprays made with organic witch hazel can be a fun and creative way to freshen up your space. You can use it to create an imaginary "force field" that repels bad smells, or spray it on your pets to give them a refreshing scent (remember, never spray directly onto a pet and ask your vet if they are prone to breathing issues before using.)  And if you're feeling mischievous, you could always use it to play a prank on your sleeping partner by spraying it in their direction whenever they enter the room. Just remember to use it responsibly and avoid any potential allergic reactions. 

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