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How To Get The Cleanest Burn Out Of Your Candles & Avoid Tunneling

 Did you know that there is more to making a scented candle last and perform in a clean way then lighting it and letting it burn for as long as you desire? You're in the right place to make that wonderful scented candle last and burn clean.  The first burn of any candle should last (approximately 1-2 hours) until there is an inch of liquid pool of wax from side-to-side of the vessel. This helps you to avoid candle tunneling. Wax has a memory. If a candle is extinguished after ten minutes, it will never burn wider than the initial circumference of that first burn.  To keep a candle burn clean, trim the wick between burns. This reduces the amount...

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Holiday Bundles Winter 2021

Now, cue the skip to the good part song, and find out what is on offer at a time when Small Business means higher quality, better client services and shop the website that combines Tom Ford whimsy and chic with Diptyque candle making skills.  Save with our bundles while supplies last. Use code: Wow20 for orders $200 and up to save 20%. Complimentary shipping starts at purchases of $50 and up, with every order getting a mini candle. Spend over $300 and you will receive an extra gift.   

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July Pop-Ups : NY & LA

Hello Darlings,  Scent is the strongest of our senses. Many lost it and are working towards  6recovering it after recovering from cover-19. As I wrote in my last blog, scent is located next to memory in the brain so it is a strong trigger of former experiences.  It can instantly lift us and change out mindset, our motivations and help us manifest our goals (cough, cough No. 69 Summer of Sex.) If you've been wanting to sniff our scents that take as long as a year to develop, now is the time.  New York: 7/17 3- 6 PM KIEHLS POP UP Kiehl's 20 Hudson Yards #Space RU 303 New York, NY 10001 Come join us at KIEHL'S Hudson Yards tomorrow, Saturday July...

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