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Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Hello Darlings,  Merriest of Seasons to you! Thank you for sending me photos of your favorite Whiskey & Woof Candles you save for this season. It really means a lot to me. And, as proven by website traffic, a lot of you didn't know I had gone on hiatus. Believe me, I have begun to research supplies in Australia. In the meantime, I have not abandoned you, here are a few fun suggestions:

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Where are the Candles?

FAQ: Where can I order Whiskey & Woof candles & other scented products:CQ: You can order online from the Brooklyn's Women's Exchange.   FAQ: Do you have anything for sale on this website? CQ: I do. They are drop shipping accessories all over the site, you can go back to the homepage and scroll down or slide through the headers, select "ACCESSORIES" from the navigation menu 

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Client Service

It's the goal to provide you, the customer a higher level scent experience. That includes the packaging and communication.  The fastest way to get a response is to email coco@whiskeyandwoof.com or to send a direct message on Instagram to @whiskey_and_woof Thank you for supporting my small business for four years.  Wishing you good smells only,  Coco 

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