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Open for Business

Hello Darlings, The hiatus is officially over and you can once again order a streamlined number of your favorite Whiskey & Woof candles. As always, the scents are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, hand poured and packed with love.  Having been to a number of events recently, people learning about the brand ask me to give them an example of my using scent as storytelling. I give them a choice to pick on the whiskey or the woof side or a best seller, that might not fall into either category but are love letters to New York.  For me, the discussion about outsourcing production has been met with questions about quality. I am still seeking someone who can make the candles...

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Candle Origin Story

Candles have been used since ancient times for both practical and symbolic purposes. Candles were used in ancient Egypt for ritual purposes, and later in Europe as sources of light. In some places, they are still used as sources of light, while in others they’re used to create warmth, atmosphere, and ambience. Candles are used in many religions and rituals, symbolizing peace, hope, and other spiritual values. Candles are also used in aromatherapy and to aid with meditation.  Scent is another story. It's often be used to mask lack of hygiene. Did you know the Romans would scent birds in rose water and release them into a dining hall before banquets in order to scent the air? The French were notorious...

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Our Sense of Smell

Scent is the strongest of the five senses. Officially called olfaction, the sense of smell is the strongest trigger for memory.  Smelling a scent from thirty years ago, can bring back the memory instantly of the last time it was smelled. That's all down to the olfactory part of the brain be directly next to the memory portion. For other senses, they have to go through one extra step. 

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