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Hello Darlings, The hiatus is officially over and you can once again order a streamlined number of your favorite Whiskey & Woof candles. As always, the scents are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, hand poured and packed with love.  Having been to a number of events recently, people learning about the brand ask me to give them an example of my using scent as storytelling. I give them a choice to pick on the whiskey or the woof side or a best seller, that might not fall into either category but are love letters to New York.  For me, the discussion about outsourcing production has been met with questions about quality. I am still seeking someone who can make the candles...

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Embracing Distinction: Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Oils vs. Synthetic Fragrances

In the realm of scents, we encounter two contenders vying for olfactory supremacy: the exquisite natural essential oil fragrance oils and the refined synthetic fragrances. While both possess the power to grace our lives with captivating aromas, it is essential to discern the fundamental disparities between these fragrant options. In this exclusive blog post, we shall embark on a discerning exploration of their defining characteristics, production methods, and potential impacts on our sensory well-being. Prepare to immerse yourself in the opulent world of scents. The Essence of Origin: The first opulent divergence between natural essential oil fragrance oils and synthetic fragrances lies within their origins. Natural essential oil fragrance oils emanate from the lavish realm of botanicals, where plants, flowers,...

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