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Candle Shelf Life

Do Candles Expire?  Burn the good candles! When I was planning the launch of Whiskey & Woof, I was interviewing a graphic designer who wanted to move into the luxury space. We were getting along well when she told me she had used the same Yankee Candle to scent her apartment for ten years. It had never been burned and she opened the jar for half an hour to scent the room when friends were coming over and then she would replace the glass top on it.  My lungs felt a sympathy pang. I could only imagine what she was smelling and what she was putting her friends through.  After ten years, the condition of a candle is likely to...

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How To Get The Cleanest Burn Out Of Your Candles & Avoid Tunneling

 Did you know that there is more to making a scented candle last and perform in a clean way then lighting it and letting it burn for as long as you desire? You're in the right place to make that wonderful scented candle last and burn clean.  The first burn of any candle should last (approximately 1-2 hours) until there is an inch of liquid pool of wax from side-to-side of the vessel. This helps you to avoid candle tunneling. Wax has a memory. If a candle is extinguished after ten minutes, it will never burn wider than the initial circumference of that first burn.  To keep a candle burn clean, trim the wick between burns. This reduces the amount...

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Happy Holidays: Schedule and New Scent & Year End News

Happy Holidays! Order by 4 P.M. ESTD today and select priority shipping to receive by the 24th. In the NYC area? Message officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com to arrange delivery on December 23rd.  Now is the time to be shipping ahead for your holiday breaks. Spending in a chalet with friends? Taken over suites in Vegas for fun in the sun? Last minute New Year's Eve hosting? Whiskey & Woof products are created to keep the memories fresh by sending candles and reed diffusers ahead. It's the added details that make good smells enhance these moments.  Holiday Schedule: Customer Service is suspended on 12/22 and 12/25. I love hearing from clients and special orders lead to great scents. Recent feedback from holiday markets was...

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