No. 2 Elle is a ocean rose scented candle inspired by walks on the beach.

How To Get The Cleanest Burn Out Of Your Candles & Avoid Tunneling

 Did you know that there is more to making a scented candle last and perform in a clean way then lighting it and letting it burn for as long as you desire? You're in the right place to make that wonderful scented candle last and burn clean. 

The first burn of any candle should last (approximately 1-2 hours) until there is an inch of liquid pool of wax from side-to-side of the vessel. This helps you to avoid candle tunneling. Wax has a memory. If a candle is extinguished after ten minutes, it will never burn wider than the initial circumference of that first burn. 

Equality Candle Whiskey & Woof

To keep a candle burn clean, trim the wick between burns. This reduces the amount of soot from a wick, that will get into the flames. While many market to be clean, if you do not trim the wick, there can be extra soot added to any candle burn. 

Subsequent burns should be up to 3-4 hours. Why? Olfactory sense will "go blind" after that time period in order to let new smells into your awareness. It also helps prevent the candle from overheating the glass, getting too much soot from a wick and optimizes the wax. 


***Please do not light a candle and leave it on a shelf, even a tall shelf. Quick movements can cause a flame to move and that could lead, at best, to scorch marks, or to an item catching fire. 

Reduce. Reuse.
Like the look of our jars and want to reuse them?
Cold method: Pop in the fridge for at least an hour so wax hardens and is easy to crack and remove.
Hot Method: Boil water and add when there is 1/4" of wax left at the bottom (again this helps from overheating and the vessel bursting.

Let the water cool and you'll come back to find a rim of wax has floated up. Get a pencil or reed diffuser stick and make your way around the inside edge to remove the wax easily. Then clean with isopropyl alcohol and you are ready to go. You can also pop the glass into a dishwasher, we do advise you remove the label first. 

Then reuse the jar to hold pens, flowers, jewelry, make-up brushes, rubber bands or even a plant. The vessels are glass, so if you do not want to reuse, please recycle appropriately. 

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Behind the Brand:
Whiskey & Woof ® is a Leaping Bunny Certified company, which means all ingredients are cruelty free. Products are also vegan friendly, phthalate free and intended for recycling. Launched in August 2019, using scent as storytelling to celebrate our passion for dogs and whiskey by elevating your spaces, we are female owned and operated. 


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