Happy Holidays: Schedule and New Scent & Year End News

Happy Holidays: Schedule and New Scent & Year End News

Happy Holidays!

Order by 4 P.M. ESTD today and select priority shipping to receive by the 24th. In the NYC area? Message officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com to arrange delivery on December 23rd. 

Now is the time to be shipping ahead for your holiday breaks. Spending in a chalet with friends? Taken over suites in Vegas for fun in the sun? Last minute New Year's Eve hosting? Whiskey & Woof products are created to keep the memories fresh by sending candles and reed diffusers ahead. It's the added details that make good smells enhance these moments. 

Holiday Schedule:

Customer Service is suspended on 12/22 and 12/25.

I love hearing from clients and special orders lead to great scents. Recent feedback from holiday markets was for scents to be available across our products. Due to various ingredient components, that's not always going to be an exact match, however when a client wanted to order the No. 10 Connoisseur as reed diffuser and a candle, I thought "why not?" 

After a successful test trial, the scent is rich and lush and very fruity, tempered by a clean linen mix to offset the sweet. This is our final new product of the year. 

Building on that, the first new Woof Candle Scent since launch, No. 16 FIRA will be available in candle, reed diffuser and roll-on fragrance with a portion of proceeds going to an animal charity. 

A new option offering first class shipping has been added. This is a way for clients not in a rush to have a lower shipping rate. 

As Whiskey & Woof grows, the mantra remains to find ethically sourced products which includes our bubblewrap which is made of 40% compost, as are the packing peanuts used to ship. Boxes are all made from recycled paper. Sustainable products do not have to be unrefined. It takes time and costs a bit more for the company, not for clients. There's one earth, Whiskey & Woof takes that into every decision during development and how we 

Did you notice the larger size candles have increased from 8 ounces to 8.5 ounces also without a cost increase for clients? Whiskey & Woof candles and scented products are hand poured with the utmost care. Candles are cured for two weeks to ensure a luxury scent that delivers the highest level quality blended scents. Every piece of client feedback is important and taken onboard.

Thank you for embracing these products into your home. Thank you for taking the time to ask questions. In 2020 I will be doing more tips for candle care. For those who don't believe in reed diffusers lasting, try flipping the reeds every few days as preferred. Play with how many reeds you use. 

Please email any questions or requests to officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com. I'm excited to keep developing scents for you. 



Founder, Whiskey & Woof


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