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Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Hello Darlings,  Merriest of Seasons to you! Thank you for sending me photos of your favorite Whiskey & Woof Candles you save for this season. It really means a lot to me. And, as proven by website traffic, a lot of you didn't know I had gone on hiatus. Believe me, I have begun to research supplies in Australia. In the meantime, I have not abandoned you, here are a few fun suggestions:

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The Custom Product Process

Bespoke is my love language so let’s fall in love.  Scent is personal. The scent function of the brain sits next to memory, which is why scent is the strongest trigger for unlocking memories of the five senses.  The process is slightly different for everyone. What can you customize: label (it must say where it's made and the number of ounces & grams if it is going to be private labeled) scent (add an extra week if a particular scent has to be ordered) color of wax vessel (there is an extra charge depending on what you want and please add an extra 2 weeks to the timeline)

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