The Custom Product Process

Personalization is the ultimate treasure. Knowing an object was made by request for us alone is part adding joy and pleasure to our lives. There’s been so many days we’ve been locked away, followed by the earth’s temperatures rising and many days of heat index warnings, which means making your indoor spaces special, inviting, warm and reflective of your style is important. 

The custom process is available for candles,  reed diffusers, room sprays and fragrances. 

I do not make dupes. When I smell another perfumer’s work or chandler’s candles, it’s as a reference and I will always put my own Whiskey & Woof signature on it. 

One of my favorite bespoke orders was for a family separated during the pandemic across the country during lockdowns that wanted to unite across five different states. The order was for a custom Frasier Fir reed diffuser blend that had special meaning, as that was the type of Christmas tree the host family always had and decorated together on Christmas Eve. The rituals that hold us together help us enjoy life. Being a small part of that unity was an honor.

The process is slightly different for everyone. What can you customize:

  • label (it must say where it's made and the number of ounces & grams if it is going to be private labeled)
  • scent (add an extra week if a particular scent has to be ordered)
  • color of wax
  • vessel (there is an extra charge depending on what you want and please add an extra 2 weeks to the timeline)

How it begins:

  1. Discussing the scope and aim of the project: time, quantity, the occasion is, and of course, the scents that you enjoy. 
  2. Carte Blanche -after the initial discussion I create the product (s) and send them to you. 
  3. Samples needed.  Two-three samples are sent in a first round. Feedback is given. A second round of samples is included. This option has a minimum of 10 candles. 
  4. Bulk orders 10+ items: The custom fee is $200-$400 depending on additional options such as a fragrance or candle vessel that has to be ordered. Usually this covers supplies if it does not you will be quoted with options. At this order level the candle price is $40 instead of $65. 
  5. If you need a smaller size for an occasion like wedding candles, an afternoon tea, an influencer promotion the minimum order is 30 x 1 oz or 2 oz sizes. 

I love what I do. I want you to celebrate the moments in your life or give client gifts, housewarming gifts or simply have a signature scent for your spaces made for you and enjoyed by you. Scent is personal. The scent function of the brain sits next to memory, which is why scent is the strongest trigger for unlocking memories of the five senses. 

***Custom fees vary depending on the scope of the project. I have made over 2 dozen custom orders from individual memorial candles to birthday orders, goodie bag items to brands including Brenne Whiskey, Royal Salute 25, Vice Art Gallery in LA. 

Candles are available in 2 oz, 2.5 votives, 9 oz, and 12 oz. 

Reed Diffusers are available in 6.8 oz. 

Room Sprays are available in 2 and 4 oz.

Questions? Email: 

Bespoke is my love language so let’s fall in love. 

Thank you, 

Coco Quill
Founder of Whiskey & Woof

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