No. 72 Wasted Inheritance
No. 72 Wasted Inheritance

No. 72 Wasted Inheritance

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You might have taken a break the willingness to put yourself out there and try something, anything new to shake up your day. But that's not living your best life. 

How would you change things if an unexpected inheritance came into your life? What would you do with it? Would you be winsome if you were given it at 21 and it was gone by 25 but you loved large for those years? Was it a kitchen remodel you always wanted? What if it was a piano and you finally had no excuse not to practice? 

Is it a waste to try? Or is it a waste not to have an idea? The casual ambition to inherit and spend it without care on a big idea, surf trips, that mortgage scheme, NFTs, a yacht that sank or a terrible pr agency that assigned your account to a junior assistant one day out of their internship...but you enjoyed it. That's the main thing. And now you can own. You can say you went big, you tried. You used it. You enjoyed the lark. 

An alternate name for this scent is Zaddy. It’s a lush leather that heightens the senses. Everything is visceral. His taste level is unmatched.  You’re a vegan but he’s irresistible in a leather jacket that hangs exactly right all year round. 

A candle that will have you trying to decipher which note is the most intoxicating, charming if you will.  It shakes off the doldrums, wakes up your senses. This one is too good to gate keep.

This magical blend's notes:
Top: Plum, Citrus, & Saffron

Middle: Whiskey, Tonka Bean & Patchouli

Base: Leather, Amber, Amyris & Musks


Product Details:

Available  in 2.5 Oz (10+ hours burn time) and 9 Oz (60+ hours burn time.) All products are Leaping Bunny certified, phthalate free and should be trimmed between burns to 1/4” for clean burns. 


CANDLE TRICKS AND TIPS: Want to avoid tunneling and make the most out of your candle? 
First burn should last until there is a liquid pool side-to-side approximately 1-2 hours. Between burns trim the wick. Don't have a trimmer? Take a tissue or cotton ball and gently pull away the end. That's going to provide a cleaner burn. 

Am I telling you that you have to do some thoughtful burning? Yes. 

Subsequent burns should be between 3-4 hours to keep the burn clean. .  Overheating can occur when a scented candle is burned too long. 

Do not burn on a shelf, even a high one. There should be nothing above the candle to prevent flame being carried by a swift exit and catching fire and/or flames being trapped and then causing scorch marks. 

When you know the candle is 3-4 hours burned, you also burn more consciously and get into the mindset to extinguish a flame. Do not leave lit candles unattended. 

Tunneling happens when you do not leave your candle to burn side-to-side. Why? Wax has a memory and it is long. So if you only burn a small circle and then put out the candle, it will never burn wider than the original burn and tunnel downwards. 

Why 3-4 hours? Your nose also goes scent blind after that time period to help alert your brain to other scents that might be a new priority. 

Tips on recycling click here. 

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