No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin Candle
No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin Candle
No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin Candle

No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin Candle

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***Please note before ordering, only the signature 9 oz size is available and is made upon request. This will add 2 days to ship time, ultimately shipping in 3-6 days instead of 1-3. Thank you for your continued pumpkin devotion. 


Nod yes to sweater weather. The end of humidity. Yes to gatherings over apple picking, reuniting with your favorite jumper. The crunch of leaves. The change of season and giving yourself the grace to enjoy pumpkin with an adult twist. 

As featured in InTouch magazine, this scent is must for a cosy book or after homecoming when everyone comes back to your place for hot apple cider, a recap and the excitement of company and not wanting the day to end. The comforting smells of fall are entwined in this autumnal scent. Elevate your idea of pumpkin spice by inhaling the aromas of whiskey, pumpkin, musks and spices sitting by a fire place. 

The warm glow of a burning fire stokes encourages togetherness activities. As you walk outside to watch leaves falling, caught in a zephyr, notes of spices baking nearby reach your nose outside. Enjoy it all with the warmth of a cider and rum punch bringing enchantment and comfort. 

Top: Whiskey, Saffron
Middle: Pumpkin, Whiskey, Spices
Base: Rum, Tonka Bean, Smokey Oud, Musks


Enjoy this seasonal wonder that will have your partner asking "what is that delicious scent?" (*actual client feedback) and enjoy the grown way to enjoy seasonal scents. 

 *more available in August 

Whiskey & Woof has renewed our commitment as a Leaping Bunny, cruelty free certified company for the 3rd year in a row. That means we'll never use vendors that are tested on animals which includes our fragrance, wax, wick and candle holder vendors. 

Candle Tips: Darlings, your candles do not have to tunnel. Optimize them by ensuring the first burn creates a liquid pool side-to-side because wax has a memory worse than that one acquaintance in the friend group that's always included, stores all the dramas in their head and waits to pounce. Did that get your attention? Fabulous.

Depending on the size of the candle that first burn time may take half an hour to 2 hours. Then snuff that candle out to prevent a large amount of soot in the air. 

Trim the wick to 1/4" prior to burning. This will also help you have a cleaner burn. Don't have a wick trimmer handy - find a tissue and gently tug off the top bit of the burned wick. 

Keep subsequent burns clean by keeping them to 3-4 hours. What? Biology Darling. We go nose blind after that amount of time and it also helps prevent overheating.

Overheating can occur when a candle is burned to the very bottom.

Recycling the Candle Vessel: 
Cold Method: Pop in the fridge for at least an hour so wax hardens and is easy to crack and remove. Clean with dishwashing liquid. Reuse the jar to ensure that candy you've been stashing stays close by.  

Hot Method: When the candle has cooled and there is 1/4" left of wax at the bottom, fill with boiling water three quarters of the jar. You'll see fragrance and wax will float up and form a top layer, making it easy to remove. Let it cool. Remove the top layer, wash with dishwashing liquid and it's ready. Reduce. Reuse. *If you are concerned about keeping the label, use hot, not boiling water. When done wipe inside with isopropyl alcohol to clean out any lingering fragrance.

The 2.5  ounce has a 12+ hour burn time.

The 9 ounce version has a 60 hour burn time.

The vessels are glass, so if you do not want to reuse, please recycle appropriately. 

All candles are made with Phthalate free fragrances. Our wax is an ethically sourced, non-toxic coconut wax. Due to the nature of hand-pouring, there may be slight variances between products.

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