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No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose + Driftwood) 
No. 20 Serenity Now (Lavender)
No. 26 Hachiko (Japanese Blossoms) 
No. 30 Reign (Peony + Bamboo)  
No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose + Fig)No. 69 Summer of Sex (Bergamot, Pomegrante, Oud & Ambergris) 

No. 12 Bon Vivant (Whiskey + Blue Spruce) available September- January
No. 13 Gerrard (Oak + Musk);
No. 18 Upstato (Cedar + Musk) 
No. 57 Keanu (Tobacco + Fresh Coffee + Bergamot)
No. 108 Unbothered (Santal, Fire & Musk)

No. 17 Luxuriate (Whiskey + Cashmere Musk),
No. 22 Sophisticate (Signature Bourbon + Musks) 
No. 57 Keanu (Tobacco + Fresh Coffee + Bergamot)

No. 16 Fira (Blood Orange + Bergamot)
No. 24 Gaston (Leather + Blood Orange
No. 40 Della (Lemon Verbena + Wild Vetiver)
No. 69 Summer of Sex (Bergamot, Pomegrante, Oud & Ambergris) 

Take your scent experience to the next level by cross burning two candles across a space. Here are suggested pairs:
No. 2 Elle + No. 24 Gaston
No 16 Fira + No. 8 Hedonist
No. 4 Confidante + No. 25 Brooklyn 
No. 60 Coquette + No. 69 Summer of Sex


The top notes are what you will experience first, followed by the middle or heart, which stays for the longest amount of time and finally the base/bottom notes that will reveal themselves last. 

No. 2 Elle is inspired by walks on the beach, where the air is full and fresh of flowers mixed with clean ocean scents, this pink colored candle is a charmer. 
Top: Rose & Amber 
Middle: Rose, Sea & Cedar
Base: Sandalwood & Dark Musk 

No. 4 Confidante Mixed with Sandalwood, this scented candle brings up fireside encounters, a warm drink in hand, with sparks flying.
Top: Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon, & Amber
Middle: Bourbon, Orange & Neroli
Bottom notes: Cedar & Tonka

No. 7 HeiressBold. Unapologetic. She started in this world with more, but then she had to pay the price for it. Because...there's always a price for it. Notes:
Top: White Gardenia, Champagne 
Heart: Ylang Ylang, Hemp
Base: Patchouli, Benzoin, Amber

No. 8 HEDONIST: turn up the heat with this heady mixture of whiskey and leather. Blended slightly with amber, this one is a show stopper.
Top: Whiskey & Mandarin
Middle Notes: Whiskey & Incense
Base Notes: Leather,Dark Musk & Smoke

No. 11 Audacity a bold scent sets the mood for a party and has been known to catch attention. Amping up the libido with both the notes of saffron and coriander, No. 11 Audacity is giving No. 8 Upstato competition for our goto "make out" candle title. 
Top: Saffron, Bergamot
Heart: Coriander, Oakmoss, & Camphor
Bottom: Benzoin, Oud & Tonka Bean

No. 12 Bon Vivant: Care for a Whiskey By The Fire? Get that outdoor woodsy scent to fill up your space and give you a warm buzz. 
Top: Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Apple, Cinnamon
Middle: Bourbon, Butter, Cypress
Base: Spruce, Maple, Musk

No. 16 FiraThe orange of Mediterranean nights can be tasted in every blood orange. When combined with Italian fruit bergamot and juniper berries, the senses begin to relax. Available as a reed diffuser and roll-on fragrance.
Top: Bergamot, Cypress & Ozone
Middle: Orange, Sweet Anise &  Jasmine
Base: Cedar & Incense

No. 17 Luxuriate -combine the softness of cashmere with whiskey in a dance of musk for the ultimate in luscious scent.
Top: Lemon, Whiskey, Amber
Middle: White Patchouli, Cedar, Labdanum
Base: Cashmere Musk, Whiskey

No.18 UpstatoBrisk air, a hint of wooded spices combines in lush aroma, bringing the best elevated outdoor scents for you to enjoy inside to transform "indoor days" to happy ones. *Top selling reed diffuser is also available. 
Top: Spice, Amaretto
Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Tonka
Base: Rum, Sandalwood, Dark Musk, Oud

No. 20 Serenity NowEnglish lavender fields surrounded by woods.
Top: Ozone, Lemon, Cucumber

Middle:Lavender, Jasmine, Camphor
Base:Lavender, Juniper Berries, Sandalwood, Cedar & Dark Musk

No. 22 Sophisticate our signature best selling bourbon candle is a  carefully developed blend of twenty-two scents. Bourbon, Black Sea, Amber Noir and more to create the masculine leaning scented candle that is our signature and took the longest to perfect.
Top: Bourbon, Amber Noir, Sandalwood
Middle: Cedar, Whiskey
Base: Smoke, Dark Musk, Oak

 No. 23 Entitled embrace it. 
Top: Eucalyptus, Amaretto, Saffron
Middle: Bergamot, Cypress, Sandalwood
Bottom: Dark Musk, Rum, Smoke and Amber

No. 24 Gaston: a romantic date at sunset, you pull your companion in close for an embrace and smell their leather jacket as the blood red sun descends. 
Top: Rose, Saffron, Amber
Middle: Blood Orange, Neroli & Plum
Base: Leather, Sandalwood and Dark Musk

No. 25 Brooklyn  Elevate your season with a Palo Santo blend that will restore joy.
Top: Cassis Nectar, Pomegranate & Camphor 
Middle: Moss, Arabian Rose & Oud
Base: Palo Santo, Spruce, Frankincense & Myrrh

No. 26 Hachiko : Japanese blossoms bring spring indoors. (Available March- September)
Yuzu &  Pear
Middle: Ylang Ylang & Peach
Base: Hibikino (Wood), Smokey Oud
 & Patchouli 

No. 30 Reign: Spring Peonies lasting longer than the blooms. Now available as a reed diffuser and fragrance.  Available March- September
Top: Nectarine, Bergamot & Sea Salt
Middle: Pink Peony & Rose 
Base: Sandalwood, Bamboo & Tonka Bean

No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin:
It's time for a grown pumpkin spice blend. (Available August-November)
Top: Whiskey & Saffron
Middle: Pumpkin, Clove, Whiskey & Balsam
Base: Rum, Smoke & Smokey Oud

No. 40 Della: Take a deep breathe of fresh sunshine. A zephyr in the wild grass and you'll feel the magic of No. 40 Della. A ray of delight and clean fills the air. The ends of lips curl up in delight. 
Top: Lemon Peel, Grapefruit, & Sage
Heart: Lemon Verbena, Mango & Vetiver
Base: Cypress & Musk

No. 57 Keanu  Tall. Dark. Dangerous when you mess with his dog. A loner who is secretly one of the most giving souls you'll ever come across. No. 57 Keanu pays homage to the movie series John Wick. 
Top: Bergamot, Saffron 
Heart: Tobacco,  Pomegranate
Base: Tonka Bean, Fresh Coffee  

No. 60 Coquette draws you in like the flirt that she is and romances your senses. Lush decadence you won't forget. 
TOP: Pink Peppercorn, Galbanum, Plum
MIDDLE: Black Rose, Cumin, Fig
BASE: Amber, Orris, Labdanum

No. 69 Summer of Sex 
awaken your senses and manifest.
Top: Bergamot, Citrus Zest, Amaretto
Middle: Pomegranate, Neroli, Resins
Base: Ambergris, Musks, Oud

No. 72 Wasted Inheritance indulge in the deeply sexy combination, like a generational heirloom you treasure:
Top: Plum, Citrus 
Middle: Whiskey, Tonka Bean & Patchouli
Base: Leather, Amyris & Musks

No. 108 Unbothered: Restore harmony to your home with this beautiful combination of Santal, Blue Spruce and Spices with a light touch of florals.
Notes: Top: Bergamot, Saffron & Citrus
Middle: Lily, Clove & Incense
Bottom: Amber, Patchouli,  Cedarwood & Sandalwood

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