Whiskey was invented for medicinal purposes. It brought greater healing powers to the heart and mind, unlocking many a writer's block (*note, there is a very decent whiskey of that nomenclature.)

No. 22 Sophisticate is a carefully developed blend of twenty-two scents. Bourbon, Black Sea, Amber Noir and more to create the masculine leaning scented candle that is our signature and took the longest to perfect.

Top: Bourbon, Amber Noir, Sandalwood
Middle: Cedar, Whiskey, Jasmine
Base: Smoke, Dark Musk, Oak

No. 4 Confidante is a nonchalant Maple Bourbon -  seasonal, made sexy. Mixed with Sandalwood, this scented candle brings up fireside encounters, a warm drink in hand, with sparks flying.

Top: Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon, & Amber.

Middle: Bourbon, Butter, Orange & Neroli
Bottom notes: Cedar & Tonka

Our discerning testing groups of high flyers from both the US and UK don't hold back, and would not approve anything less than perfection, but neither would we. The whiskey collection celebrates the bourbon (responsible and sophisticated) lifestyle and palate. The candles do not contain any alcohol in them. 

No. 8 HEDONIST: is our most alpha, sure to turn up the heat with this heady mixture of whiskey and leather. Blended slightly with amber, this one is a show stopper.

Top: Whiskey & Mandarin
Middle Notes: Whiskey & Incense
Base Notes: Leather,Dark Musk & Smoke

No. 12 Bon Vivant: Care for a Whiskey By The Fire? Get that outdoor woodsy scent to fill up your space and give you a warm buzz. 

Top: Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Apple, Cinnamon

Middle: Bourbon, Butter, Cypress
Base: Spruce, Maple, Vetiver, Dark Musk, Cedar

No. 17 Luxuriate -combine the softness of cashmere with whiskey in a dance of musk for the ultimate in luscious scent.

Top: Lemon, Whiskey, Amber
Middle: White Patchouli, Cedar, Labdanum
Base: Cashmere Musk, Whiskey & Vetiver

Also available in reed diffuser and fragrance.



Please keep out of reach of small hands and paws. Trim all wicks to 1/4" for best results. Burn 2 hours the first time the candle is used and remember to order a new one when you stop burning the candle with 1/4" of wax left. Burning to the very last drop could result in glass overheating. Trust us, the Jackson Pollack by explosive means is not one you want to create art in your home. 

Whiskey & Woof is a Leaping Bunny Certified company. All candles are phthalate free and made with cotton wicks - clean burns also depend on how a candle is burned, so be sure to trim the wick between burns. 


2.5 ounces burn time is approximately 12+ hours, while 8.5 ounces is 50+ hours.

Travel tin sizes of 2 and 5 ounces are available for No. 4 Confidante (Maple Bourbon) and our signature scent No. 22 Sophisticate (Bourbon + 21 musks.) 


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