Sampler Discovery Kits: Play with Scents

Scent is personal. Explore our's with curated discovery kits for our candles and fragrances. Whiskey & Woof is here to encourage you to explore and expand your scent journey. 

I want you to try things you may never have considered. It's why there is usually a sample included in orders. I have studied scent and been blending it for over three years professionally, even more as a consumer. 

The first memory I have is when I went into Barney's in Beverly Hills. I had time some time between appointments and decided I needed a new perfume. The man behind the counter knew I was interested in counter balancing some of the overly sweet scents I wore and that is how I came to know Hermes' Eau Des Merveilles. It was perfect for blending. It's why when I went to do some sniffing two years ago, I blended Tom Ford's Bitter Peach with his Fucking Fabulous leather scent. Then I realized, I was recreating my No. 24 Gaston which is a blood orange and leather date night scent. 

Playing with scent can open up your world. So have fun, play and try. Feel free to email for guidance and recommendations. 

Bisous, besos and good scents only, 



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