Whiskey & Woof is more than physical products, it's point of view, it's a lifestyle and it's a great community centered on the love of human's (aka Coco) greatest passions for whiskey & dogs (not necessarily in that order.)

From the first moment I wore a sample of our dad hat baseball cap, someone asked me where I got it. The beauty of this hat is that it's perfect for those early morning walks when you can nod and keep going, acknowledging neighbors, without having to stop and chat when you are barely awake. 

Another bonus is that these hats are ultimately comfortable, stylish and they signal to others what a cool individual they have happened upon- side effect it may cause extra swagger when worn. 

Want to share Whiskey & Woof with loved ones but not sure what they'd like? Welcome to gift cards. If you'd like a different amount offered, then email and it will be created for you. Gift cards do have a five year expiration and are also Apple Wallet enabled. 

Take our organic eco conscious tote bag on your adventures- large enough to hold all you'll need for a day out with your canine kid. 

From gift cards to our swag, whatever you need to embrace the Whiskey & Woof lifestyle, we've got you covered. Have a request? Email 

Thank you! 

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