Happy Memorial Day Weekend & Specials

Hello Beloved Clients, 

A covid-19 update- I managed to finally locate a new source for the black votive candle holders. There will be no disruption in their availability. I am discontinuing the 2 ounce round tins. Nine months in business, the line has grown from 8 total products to over fifty. 

There is one new WOOF scent called No. 13 Gerard that is coming in June. It's a tribute to our friend who is why I have Elle. He had to be put down two weeks ago at thirteen years old and I hope this tribute to him will be loved and do his playful nature justice.

Father's Day is June 21st. I am waiting on gun metal 12 ounce candle holders to arrive. There will be one new WHISKEY scent I've been developing available for this occasion. All whiskey scents are currently in stock, so please plan ahead. Men like candles too. 


The weather is unpredictable. There's nothing like a sweatshirt or a hat to hide that covid-19 haircut, trust me I cut off six inches of hair on one side, five on the other. I don't regret it but I do love that a hat can hold my hair out of my face.

All sweatshirts are $40.

Face protectors are $20.

These are at cost for me because I want you to be safe and comfortable. 

Get comfort here. 


Candle Bundles:

No. 2 ELLE Candle & Essential Oil Fragrance: bring the mood up with this great bundle-12% off is a dream combo. *Please note I will honor this special for No. 16 Fira & No. 20 Serenity Now- make note of it when ordering.  

One Tall, One Small for $72 is still the best deal on the site IMHO. You can give one away, put one in the loo- experiment with blending two scents at once. This is my favorite deal. Available in all scents for the TALL. The small is not yet available for: No. 18 Upstato, No. 24 Gaston, No. 26 Hachiko, No. 30 Reign.) 

"I burned Gaston first, since I had smelled Elle already. It was great, but then I lit Elle and it became sublime" - Cindi 

I believe in this pairing so much, which is why these scents are combined as a set. 
2 x 2.5 ounce for $32 in limited edition gold holders. )ne No. 2 Elle & one No. 24 Gaston  

2 x 8.5 ounce for $115 - one No. 2 Elle & one No. 24 Gaston 

Thank you for continuing to support small business. I am nine months in and it has been a pleasure providing comfort and fresh smells for you. As always, please email me official whiskeyandwoof@gmail.com if you have any questions. 


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