Whiskey & Woof is Three

Whiskey & Woof is Three

We're 21 in dog years so have a dram for us. It's also feels more like it's taken 21 years to be at this point after the way the world has changed. 

Scent is so personal and I thank you for taking this scent journey with me. From fragrances and candles to reed diffusers, room sprays and even nail polish, this has been a learning experience, a creative growth and it's been incredibly humbling. 

With that in mind, and as all my vendors including shipping, wicks, fragrance, wax, reeds, labels, and packaging (yes, each and every element) and inflation continues to rise, I've kept the prices stable. When taxes revealed in black and white how I've been losing money and how much I spend on shipping and boxes, it was a turning point for me. I love doing this. I want to stay in business. This week a VC funded non-alcoholic drink announced they had run through their Series A funding of $4.5M and were closing their doors. The founder was also being praised. I'm bootstrapping which means I'm self-funded and don't even pay myself minimum wage. Yet, I'm still here.   

And there are going to be price changes. In order to keep going I do have to make changes. 

I have long underpriced the reed diffusers. Those prices are being adjusted to market value. A reminder, reed diffusers are also available in custom scents. 

You have stuck with me. I am going to have to keep pivoting. So here we are and in order to keep going I am asking you to buy more to save more. $65 for one candle, buy 2  get 20% off (from $130 to $104) plus free shipping. This special is going on until September 5th. Please take advantage of it so we make it to year four. Use code: WW3Vibe 

Bisous, Besos and Good Smells Only! 

Coco Quill

CEO/Founder of Whiskey & Woof

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