Swedish Lifestyle

Swedish Lifestyle

"Ljus i mörkret" Be inspired and invigorated. Swedes are known as the highest consumers of candles. Due to winter months, where there is sometimes only three short hours of daylight, the average Swedish home will have multiple candles to make up for lack of light and to find hope and warmth in their hearth. 

Last winter, I moved back to New York with a decided mindset to remain minimal, yet create an air of warmth and luxury with what was in my home. While velvet textures helped visually set the floor plan, it was the addition of my candle collection that made my apartment, a preferred destination in my social circle, as well as for myself. 

Settling in, keeping circulating illness at bay, a nightly hot toddy warmed my bones. Whiskey was first created for medicinal purposes. The amber liquid has unlocked many a writer's block (there is even a decent one named Writer's Block) and shy heartfelt speeches. 

This marriage of whiskey scent and wax, shares the luxurious, taken care of, warm glow of a good glass of bourbon. Whiskey and candles are not only for winter though. Candles are for any time of day, which is why there  is the subtle Duchess scent, the rich floral Elle, the warm embrace of the Confidante and the intrigue of the Sophisticate. 

Having a quandary over which one suits you? Email officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com for suggestions. 


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