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COVID-19 has changed life for the time being. I've always used a mask and gloves when creating Whiskey & Woof products, labeling and packaging them to send to you- no fingerprints here. Please note delays with USPS may occur, every effort is being made to keep shipping costs low, safe and on track for you. If there is breakage, items will be replaced with 48 hour notice with visual proof. Please seem terms of service for more details. As always, custom orders do not fall under these rules and due to their nature, there are no returns, only replacements for breakage reported within 48 hours with photographic evidence.

While shipping outlets remain open, in order to cut down risk of exposure, Whiskey & Woof has moved to a Monday & Friday ship schedule. Please order by 4 pm ETD on those days of the week, in order for your order (when available) to go out that day. 

Shipping is FREE for orders of $50+ with code: STAY HOME 

Gastelle Limited Edition 
1) $32 (vs. $36) No. 24 Gaston (Leather & Blood Orange) has returned in a limited edition 2.5 set with No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose Musk) 

2) $115 (vs. $130) for the 8.5 oz size of No. 2 and No. 24 when purchased together. 

*Note: No. 24 Gaston will be offered as a stand alone for the first time. Though intended to pair with No. 2 Elle, I do realize people have their own scent designs in mind.

One Tall, One Small 
An 8.5 ounce and a 2.5 ounce of your choice together is a $10.50 savings. This special is available until the end of April. 

Tiered Votive Pricing
Pricing from $48 (3 candles vs. $54) upwards. This on-going special gives you a chance to save when you try more than one votive scent. The more you buy the more you save.

Our logo hat and organic cotton tote bag are on sale has been extended until April 15th. 

No. 12 Bon Vivant has returned by popular request. When three clients ask about a scent in a harrowing time in one week, it comes back. This whiskey by the fire scent brings a fresh woods combination of cedar and bourbon inside. 

No. 18 Upstato - the most popular reed diffuser will be available April 15th as a candle for the first time. You can almost feel the leaves crunching under your feet as spring starts to take hold. 
Top: Spice, Amaretto
Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Tonka
Base: Rum, Sandalwood, Dark Musk, Oud

As always, any special requests, please email me, Coco at officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com 

I love hearing from you even when it's not an immediate need. 
Keep calm and candle on everyone. 


Founder of Whiskey & Woof 

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