Room Sprays Return July 1st

Five summers ago I was preparing to launch Whiskey & Woof with five scents- 4 candle and one personal fragrance. Our signature look has evolved over that time. Three (!!!) years ago I asked myself how I could deliver good scents that are instant and refresh your space that were:
-portable/travel friendly 
-skin friendly
-faster turn around

That encompassed experimenting with items including bath bombs (never again, the mess), body cream (did not move past one round of development), and even beard oil before coming to room sprays. From product to product, there is going to be a variation in the ingredients as each format i.e. wax and organic witch hazel, have their own properties, and you validated room sprays as an instant favorite. 

Room sprays got a makeover. New labels that encompass the whimsy of the brand to delight you. I hope you'll find as delightful and whimsical as the scents themselves. 

Coming back July 1st: 
No.  2 Elle (ocean rose musk)
No. 16 Fira (blood orange, bergamot & juniper berries)
No. 17 Gaston (leather & blood orange)  
No. 20 Serenity Now (lavender & lemon verbena
No. 25 Brooklyn (palo santo) 
No. 40 Della (lemon verbena) 
No. 69 Summer of Sex (bergamot, ambergris & oh la la oud)

For longer descriptions head to Room Sprays

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