Retiring Scents and Seasonal Shifts

No. 6 Duchess is one of the four original candle scents I launched with in August 2019. It's almost the two year anniversary. 

With that, I've been listening, developing and see what has your interests. While Duchess was an early favorite, other scents have taken overshadowed her. With much affection for this particular wine candle, she will be retired. 

It gave me pause over all, so after a recent refocus on physical retail (now I have to pitch in person) as we go back into the world and your noses get to sniff in person, I am focusing on keeping a seasonal selection. 

While No. 13 Gerrard is one of my personal favorites, the magic of this unsung hero isn't being heard so he will also be retiring. 

Seasonal: (note:  if there is a request and I do have that fragrance I will make it for you off-season.)

No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin will be available August- October: 
No. 12 Bon Vivant (Whiskey By The Fire) available: October- January
No. 26 Hachiko (Japanese Blossoms & Pear) available March - June 
No. 30 Reign (Peony & Bamboo) available March -June 

No. 10 Connoisseur is also retiring (Brandied Pear)
No. 13 Gerrard- a very good boy
No. 28 Rosie in Leather (Rose + Leather) 

Name changes:
No. 25 Brooklyn Fireside will now be Brooklyn. This Palo Santo is a beautiful blend that will now join the Room Sprays. 

No. 1240 Santal Baby: in full transparency I released this year round scent during the holidays and it is a stress reducer great all year round. The new scent name will be revealed after a contest. 

I want to thank you all for your feedback and there will be upcoming changes on the website to make your purchasing easier. 

In other news, if you want to smells select candles in person, try Kilgore Trout in Cleveland, Ohio- say hi to Andrea for us and The Sampler in Greenich Village - they both have an excellent curation of clothing brands too. 

Wishing you good smells, 


Founder of Whiskey and Woof

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