Labor Day Special

Labor Day was the start of workers' rights to have an eight hour work day to split the day to 8 hours of work, rest and relaxation by the Labour Movement. Today the meaning has become less upheld as essential workers now include health care workers and those 12 hour shifts are not going away any time soon. 

Being that the state of civil has been growing all summer around the US, every purchase today will come with a free No. 23 Equality votive 2.5 oz candle until supplies are gone- no code needed. 

This candle is as layered as our the country's issues and emotions. This candle was originally a custom order by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission for their summer interns. What an honor to have this to focus on and what it means to bring light to people who need it. It's with this spirit that I've been donating proceeds of this candle to various human rights organizations all summer. 

Thank you to all those out there fighting to make this a more equal world. 



Founder of Whiskey & Woof

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