Holiday Bundles Winter 2021

Holiday Bundles Winter 2021

Hello Darlings,

I've been really touched by the support I've found in the Small Business Community. It was through that community I met Helen Louise Stiver, the jeweler behind Charming Little Lotus , who has put together a well curated list of female owned small businesses gift guide. She was interviewed about it by NBC and if that is how you found us, hello I'm Coco Quill, Founder of Whiskey & Woof.  I make every scented product on here. 

I have been asked how do the dogs fit in and I get it, traditionally dogs are associated with less than desirable smells. That's why I wanted to change how I told their story. Having an 11 year old French Bulldog who has hunted down Champagne in art galleries in London, I use scent to paint my cinematic interpretation of a dog's personality in an elevated way. 

Why shouldn't I be able to celebrate those moments like walking through Kensington Palace Gardens and finding a spot to enjoy a bottle of red wine at a picnic on the grounds with friends and my faithful companion? Scent is our strongest trigger of memory as those two functions sit next to one another in the brain. 

Elle, my Frenchie's scent is inspired by walks on the beach, combined with the fact she loves flowers. It's an ocean rose scent. 

Now, cue the skip to the good part song, and find out what is on offer at a time when Small Business means higher quality, better client services and shop the website that combines Tom Ford whimsy and chic with Diptyque candle making skills. 

Save with our bundles below while supplies last. Use code: Wow20 for orders $200 and up to save 20%. Complimentary shipping starts at purchases of $50 and up, with every order getting a mini candle. Spend over $300 and you will receive an extra gift. (Updated 11/26/21.) 


The bundles are:

1: Reed Diffuser & Room Spray

2: 2 x 7 oz Whiskey Candles in Whiskey Glasses

3. Stocking Stuffer: Bath Bomb, Nail Polish & Fragrance 

4: Room Spray & Votive Candle

Looking for custom? To White Label?  Wholesale? Email  


Wishing you Happy Holidays and good smells only, 


CEO & Founder Whiskey & Woof 

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