Holiday Bundles Winter 2021

Hello Darlings,

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The slowing pace of life, fresh crisp air, and the true enjoyment of apple picking, hoodie season, fall walks and Thanksgiving. I would say it is "candle season," but, for me, that's every day, any season. There's a scent for every mood. 

The reality of the world is that the pandemic is still on-going, supply and shipping issues. For the third year, shipping has gone up "temporarily," which never lowers. I will not be passing that rise along to my clients. Unfortunately International prices are always pricey. 

Here we are in October with Holiday Bundles dropping every Friday. One new one will be available each Friday for the next four weeks. The bundles are:

1: Reed Diffuser & Room Spray

2: 2 x 7 oz Whiskey Candles in Whiskey Glasses

3.Stocking Stuffer: Bath Bomb, Nail Polish & Fragrance 

4: Travel Candle, Room Spray & Bath Bomb

Looking for custom? To White Label?  Wholesale? Email 

New Scent Coming November 1st. Yes, there is a Black Friday Special this year. 


New to Whiskey & Woof and wondering what makes this company different? I wanted to create scents that went beyond the 101, that used quality, clean ingredients to enhance spaces and use scent to storytell. Maybe you saw No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin featured by InTouch Weekly or our signature “wow” candle No. 22 Sophisticate in Ok Magazine for National Boyfriend Day-perfect examples of how I take seemingly saturated offerings and make it my own and bring it to you.

Whiskey & Woof InTouch Weekly Tipsy Pumpkin Candle
No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin is a blend of whiskey, rum, pumpkin, frankincense and the inevitable spices for an adult pumpkin spice that fills the home with warmth, comfort and sophistication. No. 22 Sophisticate, our signature and first candle took six months to develop. It is a bourbon fragrance blended with 21 other notes. (*On the Whiskey side, the numbers correlate to the number of notes used. The Woof inspired side are more emotional numbers such as No. 2 Elle- which refers to my number 2, Chief Sniff Officer, Elle.)

Custom Orders will be taken for 2021 until November 1st for Candles, December 1st for Reed Diffusers. Last year my favorite last minute customization was for 7 reed diffusers going to a family separated by lockdowns with a special message to unite all of them. *Custom can mean “white label” an existing scent with a custom label for a small fee to cover the labels.

Now I’m going to bake something and get ready for the FAD Market at Invisible Dog Center from 11-6 PM October 23-24th. There will be gift boxes available there. Requests? Please email 



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