FAQ: Is Whiskey & Woof closing?

COCO: No, this is an extended hiatus. Last year I had two major losses in my family a month apart. I have been running this business for four years on my own. There were two major markets that didn't happen leaving me with a surplus of products and fragrances. Prices have risen for every vendor, shipping, and packaging. It's time for me to get enough space, honor my family and figure out how to pivot the business.

FAQ: I'm confused, you said you're moving. 

COCO: After my beloved Elle, the inspiration for this brand passed, I was always going to leave Brooklyn Heights. It is hard and triggering and famous neighbors like Emily Blunt and Matt Damon are not a reason to stay. I enjoyed living here for 18 years and it's time to leave. 

FAQ: Will anything be for sale after Sunday? 

COCO: Yes, all of the accessories - hats and hoodies. There's a second site I also use you can shop here. Why two different places? They have different products that I can work with - the https://whiskeyandwoof.creator-spring.com/ store has windbreakers and dog t-shirts and tumblers, whereas the accessories from this store are embroidered hats. I'm a creative, it's how my mind works. 

FAQ: Can I still email you? 

COCO: Of course coco@whiskeyandwoof.com 


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