Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Whiskey & Woof makes donations of proceeds from our No. 23 Equality candle. It was commissioned by a Federal Judge from the Equal Employment Agency. She gave us carte blanche and this candle scent is one of our personal favorites. 

Scent is very personal, so on Giving Tuesday 2021, email us a screenshot of your charitable giving of at least five dollars (no politics), you can block any private information as well, and we'll email you a $5 coupon, no restrictions. 

New Yorkers tonight we'll be at Kismet 236 W. 10th Street. There will be candles, cocktails, a raffle and a donation will be made from purchases to Pupstarz Rescue.
Come by from 5-8 PM. Dogs welcome!

Thank you for your big hearts. Thank you for your custom orders. We are wishing our friend Gayla, who ordered a strawberry and whiskey candle scent back in August to be auctioned off today for her favorite cause today. This one was challenging to make because strawberry scents tend to not be gourmand elevated. It took three times, three different fragrance companies to find the winner. That was also a fun challenge to find so I'm wishing them the very best today for many reasons. 

We had many reasons to be thankful this year. Most of all because my beloved Frenchie, Elle's cancer scare was a benign tumor and she has fully recovered. So hug your loved ones for me and thank you again for being wonderful, letting Whiskey & Woof into your spaces and sharing us with friends. 

As always you can email me 

Happy Holidays!

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