Celebrating Love of All Kinds

Celebrating Love of All Kinds

Love gives life meaning, whether it is for your dog, your partner or your friends and family. 

We are celebrating forever crush, Amy Poehler's epic holiday, Galentine's Day as well as coupling. As feedback came in from a social media tease, many clients love to love. 

In honor of that, our newest scent, No. 24 Gaston is available in a limited edition pairing with No. 2 Elle. Clients will also be able to order two of either. In the on-going effort to heal this planet with love, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Wires to help rescue Australian Wildlife.

Inspired by Elle's real companion, Gaston, known on Instagram collectively as "Gastelle," the pair who continues to raise money with various endeavors, Gaston's cinematic persona is inspired love of beds and serenading ways. He's quite a romantic, inclined to sing as he steers his love through the Venetian Canals, full of delectable ripe treats, through a blood orange sunset. 

Gaston's scent is worthy of inspiring romance and naturally, the male counterpart to the sweet musky Elle. Gaston gives us twenty four reasons to love him in this blend of citrus, sea, leather and musk. 

Gaston Notes: 

Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone, Saffron
Middle: Plum, Cardamom
Base: Amber, Dark Musk & Leather

These sets are limited edition. Order your

Gastelle Set : 1 x No. 2 Elle (5 ounces) + 1 x No. 24 Gaston (5 ounces)

Galentine's Set :
 2 x No. 2 Elle candles. 

*****There are a small amount of heart shaped candle available for single candle orders by request. Please email officialwhiskeyandwoof@gmail.com to specify your scent. 

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