Whiskey & Woof 's commitment to sustainability continues by celebrating the ocean. Blue Friday has been a newer and less defined, but eco-friendly way of taking the commercialism out of Black Friday, by focusing on the Earth's health. This year I'm going to be donating 2% of profits to Parley For The Oceans. 

2020 has shown up that Mother Earth has had enough of humans. Last May was when scientists warned us that humans were consuming at a rate that surpassed Earth's ability to regenerate and renew her resources.


Summer 2019, pre-launch, I went to see a panel on building a sustainable brand hosted by Adidas partner, Cyrill Gustch, a designer turned ocean activist who founded Parley. Parley had partnered with Adidas to release a plastic recycled from an illegal fishing net that Greenpeace had chased for six months. The poachers had given up at that time, cut loose their enormous net. Gustch thought what if that net could be recreated into a new sustainable material that was then transformed into a shoe. 

Adidas x Parley Ocean Recycled Plastic Shoe

Prior to the panel I had worked with a heritage Swiss watch company on a new sustainable watch, which upcycled cool kid materials like skateboards into watch bands. Sustainability has long been on my mind, being part Australian where there is an actual Green Party and where ecological education is a priority. It was a concern for me when starting a brand making physical products, that they be as sustainable as possible. I pondered whether it was even ethical to do so. 

After the panel, another business owner and I facing the same eco-crisis were  speaking with Mr. Gustch. He told us we needed to do one thing a day, take one obstacle to get to the next one and sign up with Parley's newsletter, learn more, volunteer and this was the first step- heightened awareness. 

I find ways to donate environmental causes, animal and equality organizations  (WWF, Australian Red Cross, Bad Ass Brooklyn, The Trevor Project and now Parley.) Working with the heritage watch company was the first time I'd heard of Blue Friday, a movement to volunteer to clean up the environment over indulging in the commercial sales of the US's Black Friday. In France it's viewed as a mark of honor to participate and close retail stores.

Are you still with me? SEO experts say you want a long read so let's see if you do. :)

Black Friday 
What you get in Whiskey & Woof:

  • cruelty free as certified by Leaping Bunny
  • sustainability in place with packaging, tips on how to recycle
  • comforting, exciting, enchanting and enhancing scents
  • uses clean fragrances
  • female minority owned
  • charitable donations
  • good taste in whiskey
  • hand poured
  • reliable customer service
  • excellent customer reviews
  • transparency

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