Whiskey & Woof uses as many sustainable and recycled components, from shipping with cardboard boxes to recycled cornstarch padding and recycled packing peanuts made from compost, as possible. 

Candle containers can be recycled by popping them into the freezer for an hour, to get out that last 1/4" of wax (*again, do not burn to the end of wax or the glass can overheat and explode.)

Please note, breakage is not okay. If a candle is unburned, it will be replaced as noted in the shipping policy. Burning a candle that has breakage before use can also result in a dangerous mess. Please read the warning labels on the bottom of the candles. Candles must not be burned in order to be replaced and have a limited one week time period to send a clear photo of the unburned candle.

In an effort to minimize packaging, Whiskey & Woof will offer free shipping for orders of two or more 2 ounce candles. Orders of single votives will be charged shipping.

As a brand, developing sustainable habits can be costly and alleviate that burden to the consumer, we now offer free shipping for orders over $35.00 with code SUSTAIN.

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