Lil Nas Limited Edition Charity Pre-Order Candle Backstory

What began as an April Fool's joke has turned into a real candle.

The Whiskey & Woof brand name flags the Facebook universe of properties, including Instagram, that "whiskey" candles as the potential selling of alcohol. 

My product tagging ability was removed for seven months after I went through the installation of the Shop for Instagram. Engineers couldn't fix it. In January, I became active on the social media app Clubhouse, giving me access to both employees and social media businesses built about Facebook (i.e. Ads Managers), to get direct live answers to several issues. None of that advice worked on it's own and I was even told to change the brand name by Facebook-  which only strengthened my adoration for Pinterest. 

In the end, the person who revolved the issue and got me back the ability to product tag some of my catalog was me. *Yes, I'm available for consulting. 

A good prank should be rooted in an existing issue. I posted this video on TikTok and one on Instagram announcing to "beat the algorithm" I was changing the brand name to Woof VS. Whiskers and adding new scents to reflect the new direction:



Is this real now? Yes. Many clients reacted on social media to say they would like to purchase this candle. While novelty candles are not my normal arena, I started blending scents to test. 

Then asked myself how can I make this meaningful and connected to my brand values to give back.  Lil Was X expressed he was bullied in his teens as a young gay black man. He now owns who he is as a person and as a creator, which is what his new controversial song addresses.

The song "Montero" which has a video featuring him grinding on a CGI devil is absolute genius. As the former Head of Music Video Programming at Yahoo! Music, I've seen a lot of videos. For what could have been a one hit wonder career, to come back with those driving rhythms of Lil Nas X's "Montero" -  and release an eye raising shoe  that gets you sued, with a video driving to 74 millions streams of the video in a week - is creative brilliance. 

Every character in the video is Lil Nas X. First he is caught getting frisky with a demon character (yes, himself in a different outfit), who tempts him to unleash his inner desires. Then judged in an arena while in chains in front of an angry mob of consisting of many Lil Nas X. His deepest desires exposed, his character is sent down to hell for being himself where he seduces the devil and takes his place. 


You can pre-order this candle until April 9th.

Orders will start shipping April 16th.

Five percent of proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project which fights for LBGTQ teens. The actual candle label will have the Whiskey & Woof branding on it. The final label may be slightly different than what is pictured on this page as I do play around with fonts however the spirit of the candle will not change. 



This product is not endorsed (at the moment) by Lil Nas X. He is the inspiration only. 

The candle label final design may be slightly different. This will be a red 6 ounce travel candle in a black tin. Thank you! Please send any questions to 

xo Coco

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