Whiskey Glass Candles
Whiskey Glass Candles

Whiskey Glass Candles

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As a whiskey drinker who is sustainably minded, it's been a goal of mine to find the perfect whiskey glass to hold a whiskey scented candle. 

Behold the glass to be kept after the seven ounce candle is finished. 

After  requests came in for other scents to be included, they will now be made to order in any scent in our current catalog and will ship 7-10 days after order is made. Available immediately: see Variants. To order custom select "request" from the options, and leave your scent preference in the notes during your checkout. 


Best Seller: No. 57 Keanu is a blend that is worthy of the patron saint of dogs, John Wick. Tobacco, Fresh Coffee and Saffron oh yes, he can be a tad sweet. While there's no whiskey notes, there is no denying this masculine scent had to be in a whiskey glass.

Please note candles may fall into several categories, this is a quick guide for those who need it, full descriptions below. 

Floral: No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose) ; No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose & Fig)

Woody: No. 12 Bon Vivant (Whiskey + Blue Spruce)  No. 18 Upstato (Cedar + Musk) 

Musky: No. 17 Luxuriate (Whiskey + Cashmere Musk), No. 22 Sophisticate (Signature Bourbon + Musks); No. 57 Keanu (Tobacco, Bergamot & Smoke)

Comforting: No. 4 Confidante (Maple Bourbon + Musk); No. 10 Bon Vivant (Whiskey & Blue Spruce)

Food Elevated: No. 16 Fira (Blood Orange + Bergamot); No. 24 Gaston (Leather + Blood Orange

Sexy: No. 8 Hedonist (Whiskey + Leather); No. 18 Upstato (Cedar + Musk); No. 22 Sophisticate ( Bourbon + Musk) 

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