The Heir & The Spare

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The term "the heir and the spare" is a reference to royal lineage. The first born is the heir, any other siblings are "spares," in case the first born was to pass. This has lead to a bloody history of plotting against family members throughout humanity. 

Whiskey & Woof sees it a little differently. If power is what is craved, today's royals live in a gilded cage. The one who is heir to the most power in the British Royal Family, who is calling the shots, gaining the press, the respect of foreign nations and generally annoying anyone who doesn't have any power except by birth, is The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Our No. 6 Duchess candle is inspired by HRH and thus this offering contains:

1 x 8 ounce No. 6 Duchess
(Top Notes: Merlot, Middle: Oud & Base: Dark Musk) 

1 x 2 ounce No. 8 Hedonist
(Top Notes: Whiskey & Leather Middle: Amber & Base: Sandalwood and Vanilla.)

This luxurious pairing creates a regal balance of scents that will make your home a palace. 


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