One Tall, One Small Scented Candle Combination

One Tall, One Small Scented Candle Combination

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Keep the tall, give the small. It's up to you, but that's what I would do. Luxury combinations or a stock piling of self care, it's your delightful choice. Power shop, keep it moving, yet do it in an atmosphere that ignites your senses. 

1 x 2 ounces votive candle 

1 x 9 ounces votive candle (50+ hours burning when candle is trimmed between burns to 1/4"- this also ensures a clean burn.) 

Please indicate in the notes which scents you desire, or get a surprise combination. 

Candle Scent Choices: 
Whiskey Inspired: 
No. 4 Confidante Maple Bourbon mixed with musks, makes this the perfect fireside conversation scent. 

No. 8 Hedonist Leather and whiskey makes for a heady combination that will bring out your inner alpha.

No. 12 Bon Vivant  Blue Spruce meets a bourbon by the fire. A crackling fire, good company, this holiday scent spreads holiday cheer, with a special lemon to handle pet odors. 

No. 22 Sophisticate, our signature whiskey scent mixes bourbon whiskey with a special mix of 22 musks and ocean scents to create on sensuous candle. 

No. 2 Elle is our most floral scent, ocean rose is tempered with ocean scents to create a bold and beautiful scent, without being overly sweet. 

No. 6 Duchess is our most subtle scent, while still being a fresh, subtle mix of wine and woodsy scents. Number six is a nod to our inspiration, the Duchess of Sussex's marrying the sixth in line to the throne in England.