No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle
No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle
No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle
No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle
No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle

No. 7 Heiress: Champagne, Gardenia & Amber Scented Candle

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"I was a liberated woman long before there was a name for it." - Peggy Gugenheim

Bold. Unapologetic. She started in this world with more, but then she had to pay the price for it. Because...there's always a price for it. There's an intangible element you're drawn to, and you need to be with her. 

She may have money, she may not but she certainly has the taste and the air of discernment so bold, it can't be bought and comes from exposure and having large sums of money at her command for some portion of her life. She demands only the best quality the way wealth does. She knows art and culture. There's an education of exposure that comes with being in her wake. 

"Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on." - Daphne Guinness

Why resist? Live. Enjoy the moment. Drink the champagne, experience doors opening to rooms you didn't know existed. This is Heiress Level. 

"Not every heiress is famous, or fun. There are a lot of boring heiresses out there." - Paris Hilton

Inspired by the series "Inventing Anna" about Anna Delvey, who intrigued and defrauded New York's Elite. Champagne lifestyle, someone else picks up the check willing or not. Gardenia brings to mind a memorable trip to Morocco she took with the back up dancers in her life. 

"VIP is always better, you just have to be willing to do the work," - Anna Delvey, Faux German Heiress from "Inventing Anna."

So, she does believe in work- but working it- the guest list you didn't even know existed. 

Endless mimosas provided while she shopped and treated others at high end stores mixed with the slight hint of hemp because this Heiress likes play mind games. 

My favorite heiress was Peggy Guggenheim, who lived in the most delightful house in Venezia on the canals. We owe the stars of modern art to her. Considered the black sheep of the family and the ultimate dog mom, she took lovers and championed art, and her home on the Venice Canals is now a museum.

Next time you are in Venezia, it's worth finding and spending time there. I particularly loved both gardens and went there after a heart break. As Peggy said "It is always assumed Venice is the ideal place for a honeymoon. This is a grave error. To live in Venice or even to visit it means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else." Thus the Bergamot, the Italian orange, is a nod to the fabulous Peggy. 

Top: White Gardenia, Champagne & Bergamot
Heart: Ylang Ylang, Hemp, & Mimosa
Base: Patchouli, Benzoin, Cedar & Amber

Limited edition available in stemless, reusable champagne glasses, with flecks of gold (mica) at the top for that extra element an Heiress deserves. Give this one center stage. *While wire transfers and discounts won't be honored on this limited edition scented candle, we do accept Shop Pay, PayPal and almost any other form of credit card. 

Add your own special name on one side of the candle because an Heiress will always opt for custom. Wire me $30,000 for my enemies, they need a yacht party  or simply add the $5 option from the dropdown and let me know what you'd like it to say. Please note, the shorter the better i.e. a name or a "Happy Birthday Darling." The Heiress Label will still be on the opposite side of the candle.



9 oz 
Vegan Friendly
Clean Fragrances
Burn Time 55 Hours+ 
Leaping Bunny Certified Trademarked Company

Candle tips:

First burn should be until there is a liquid pool side to side. 

Subsequent burns should be maximum 3 hours to keep a burn clean, avoid overheating, maximize burns being effective. 

Trim wick to 1/4" between burns to keep a burn clean and efficient.
Don't be basic and leave candles unattended or in reach of pets and small humans.




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