No. 3 IGNITE Roll-on Essential Oil Fragrance

No. 3 IGNITE Roll-on Essential Oil Fragrance

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Ignite creativity. Passion. A big mood. 

Daylight hours are fading, but spark inside you is growing. There's an energy about the night. The fire that the dark inspires to come and play - with words, with the mind and the senses. 

Ignite it all with the second unisex wearable in the Whiskey & Woof collection. All scents are meant to delight, be shared and made with coconut oil.  

Notes: Juniper Berries, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Smokey Oud & Amber 

Tips to make wearables last longer:

  • Let each wrist air dry separately, do not rub together.
  • Add petroleum jelly (Vasoline) on your pulse points, the ointment will help the fragrance last longer. 
  • Store in your bedroom instead of a damp medicine closet, which can weaken any fragrance. 
  • Apply unscented lotion prior to applying a fragrance. The skin oils will help a fragrance last longer.