Custom Candle Packages
Custom Candle Packages
Custom Candle Packages

Custom Candle Packages

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When a favorite client expressed she loves lavender, but sandalwood triggers a migraine, it was my pleasure to work with her to give her the scent she wanted in a way that would not trigger pain. 

Her candle is a blend of lavender, cucumber and the calming balance of chamomile. You can order this version at the regular price for 8.5 oz of $65 in the drop down menu. I have another client who was interested in this exact blend, so I'm adding it for everyone. Being custom made, it is a slightly higher price point.  

Want your own custom candles created to your tastes? I'm able to offer this with different levels of options. I will also custom create your label for your needs. 

How it works:
We have a conversation about scents. Some opt for samples, some say go for it. 
Either way, we will find the perfect scent for your needs. Don't see what you are looking for in the options? Email me and we'll get you sorted. 


The fee is $50 to cover the cost of development over cost of candles. Please email: to ask questions and let's get your scent created. 

Timeframe depends upon package you select. Allow one to three months for entire process. Questions? Size variations? Need it expedited? Custom fragrance size needed? Email: 

Whiskey & Woof is a Leaping Bunny Certified company. All candles are phthalate free, made with cotton wicks and vegetarian friendly. Due to the nature and costs involved in custom scents, there are no refunds for this item. Broken items will replaced when flagged within 48 hours with visual proof. For terms of service policies click here