No.18 UPSTATO: Reed Diffuser

No.18 UPSTATO: Reed Diffuser

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Inspired by rambles through a wooded area in Upstate New York by our friends, Tato, aka @thegraypotato_ and The Guy With the Leash, the Upstato is a classic refreshing reed diffuser. Born of fall and winter, the sticks giving way to the crunch of leaves, a babbling stream appears. 

Brisk air, a hint of wooded spices combine bring the best elevated outdoor scents for you to enjoy inside to transform "indoor days" to happy ones. 

Top: Spice, Amaretto
Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Tonka
Base: Rum, Sandalwood, Dark Musk, Oud

Comes with six ethically cut black bamboo reed diffuser sticks. To adjust the strength, add or remove sticks. Turn reeds every 3-4 days as the fragrance travels up the reeds and out into the area.