No. 7 AUDACITY: Saffron, Cedarwood & Corriander
No. 7 AUDACITY: Saffron, Cedarwood & Corriander

No. 7 AUDACITY: Saffron, Cedarwood & Corriander

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What in the mother of AUDACITY is happening here. Whiskey & Woof loves a double take, a double sniff, a head turner and this scent is one of those. 

This bold scent is perfect for serving cosy autumn. It's a scent that sets the mood for a party and has been known to catch attention. Amping up the libido with both the notes of saffron and coriander, No. 11 Audacity is giving No. 8 Upstato competition for our goto "make out" candle title. 

Be forewarned you'll be cueing up Beyonce Ring The Alarm if cross burned with No. 69 Summer of Sex! 


Top: Saffron, Bergamot
Heart: Coriander, Oakmoss, & Camphor
Bottom: Cedar, Benzoin, Oud & Tonka Bean

These notes swirl together like all a party where the vibes are legendary, the conversations are dripping with playful banter, and that feeling where you never want it to end. 


Product Details:

Available  in 2.5 Oz (10+ hours burn time) and 9 Oz (55+ hours burn time.) All products are Leaping Bunny certified, phthalate free and should be trimmed between burns to 1/4” for clean burns. 

Want to avoid tunneling and make the most out of your candle? 
First burn should last until there is a liquid pool side-to-side approximately 1-2 hours. Between burns trim the wick. Don't have a trimmer? Take a tissue or cotton ball and gently pull away the end. That's going to provide a cleaner burn. 

Am I telling you that you have to do some thoughtful burning? Yes. 

Subsequent burns should be between 3-4 hours to keep the burn clean. Overheating can occur when a scented candle is burned too long. 

Do not burn on a shelf, even a high one. There should be nothing above the candle to prevent flame being carried by a swift exit and catching fire and/or flames being trapped and then causing scorch marks. 

When you know the candle is 3-4 hours burned, you also burn more consciously and get into the mindset to extinguish a flame. Do not leave lit candles unattended. 

Tunneling happens when you do not leave your candle to burn side-to-side. Why? Wax has a memory and it is long. So if you only burn a small circle and then put out the candle, it will never burn wider than the original burn and tunnel downwards. 

Why 3-4 hours? Your nose also goes scent blind after that time period to help alert your brain to other scents that might be a new priority. 

Tips on recycling click here. 

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