No. 1 SAVOUR : Cypress Essential Oil Fragrance
No. 1 SAVOUR : Cypress Essential Oil Fragrance

No. 1 SAVOUR : Cypress Essential Oil Fragrance

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Slow living means taking the time to enjoy life in real time. Savour was created to bring you back to those spaces and places that reaching for tech toys, never enters your mind.

Live in the moment, feel the zephyrs of a  holiday, fresh food, the sea. With each breath every sense awakened. Feel relaxed and savoring what life has to offer.

Having one of those moments when you need a mental escape? One sniff of Savour's essential oil mix will have you transported to relaxation. Dab a little to the inside (not directly where the area covering the nose, of a mask to keep calming scents close. 

Notes: Cypres, Mandarin, & Frankencense mixed with coconut oil 

Tips to make wearables last longer:

  • Let each wrist air dry separately, do not rub together.
  • Add petroleum jelly (Vasoline) on your pulse points, the ointment will help the fragrance last longer. 
  • Store in your bedroom instead of a damp medicine closet, which can weaken any fragrance. 
  • Apply unscented lotion prior to applying a fragrance. The skin oils will help a fragrance last longer. 

FAQ: Are essential oils safe for pets?

Answer: Do not apply directly to an animal's skin. If you are wearing it that won't effect them. Please consult a veterinarian for further information. Pets should not be effected by our products however keep candles, reed diffusers and fragrances out of reach, as stated on our warning labels 

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