Limited Special Black Friday Offers
Limited Special Black Friday Offers
Limited Special Black Friday Offers
Limited Special Black Friday Offers
Limited Special Black Friday Offers

Limited Special Black Friday Offers

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Get swept up and knock out those lists right now by taking advantage of these multiple gifts at once. *Packaging will be together, unless you put a note in your order to stay true to our sustainable practices. Questions? Need help? Email 

Now, to the good stuff!

Discount codes- VIP SMS 10% off has a $50 minimum purchase for this weekend. 
Complimentary shipping applies to purchases $50+ 

BOGO15- Buy one item, get the second one of lesser price for 15% off - this applies to the whole catalog. 



First up a flight of whiskey votives saving you $9 will get you 3 of our classic whiskey scents in 2.5 ounce clear shot glasses packaged together, plus a free one ounce mini candle.  Suggestion, these are also great stocking stuffers or favorites to burn before holiday parties to set the scene

1 x No. 10 Bon Vivant - The Whiskey By The Fire (Blue Spruce & Whiskey)
1 x No. 4 Confidante: Maple Bourbon & Musk makes your home the place to gather. 1 x No. 22 Sophisticate - Signature Bourbon candle blended with 21 other notes to get you a "wow." 

You may request substitutions in notes during checkout. They will be honored depending on availability and may include our black votive glass to accommodate. 

Transfer the scent design of any room with a few sprays. Made with organic witch hazel and clean fragrances, this product is also skin safe and many clients use it a body spray. Do not directly spray on fabrics. Saving $15 and free shipping, the room sprays have become one of our most popular items. Four ounces of refreshing, multi-purpose and easy to transport. 

You can select from any- including No. 69 Summer of Sex (by request) room sprays otherwise it will default to the ones in bold:

No. 7 Holiday Fresh (Fraser Fir + Frankincense)
No. 20 Serenity Now (Lavender + Sandalwood)
No. 1240 Santal Baby (Santal + Fig + Musk)

No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose Musk)
No. 16 Fira (Blood Orange + Bergamot)
No. 17 Luxuriate (Cashmere Musk + Whiskey) 
No. 25 Brooklyn (Palo Santo) 
No. 30 Reign (Peony + Bamboo)
No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose +. Fig)
No. 69 Summer of Sex (Bergamot + Ambergris + Oud)

Feel secure as you make your holiday travels, that good scents can come with you in these 5.5 ounce matte black travel tins. Normally $35, when you buy this pack you'll save $15 and qualify for free domestic US shipping. 

1 x No. 1240 Santal Baby (Santal + Frankincense)
1 x No. 25 Brooklyn (Palo Santo + Fig)
1 x No. 16 Fira (Blood Orange & Bergamot)

***You can email or indicate in your notes if there is a a substitution you'd like to request, please note, that may a) delay your order b) only one substitution c) if it's not possible I will let you know.  

OFFER FOUR: Three x 9 OZ + Bath Bomb 
Knock out 3 corporate/teacher/bff/secret Santa gifts with the bonus you get to relax with a bath bomb for your efforts. Indicate from the list below which scents you would like in the notes.

Select 3 or it will default to those in bold:

No. 4 Confidante (Maple Bourbon)
No. 10 Connoisseur (Brandied Pear)
No. 12 Bon Vivant (Whiskey & Blue Spruce)

No. 8 Hedonist (Whiskey & Leather)
No. 17 Luxuriate (Whiskey & Cashmere Musk)
No. 18 Upstato (Cedar & Musk)
No. 20 Serenity Now (Lavender + Sandalwood)
No. 24 Gaston (Leather & Blood Orange)
No. 25 Brooklyn (Palo Santo & Frankincense)
No. 31 Tipsy Pumpkin (Adult Pumpkin Spice)
No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose & Fig)
No. 1240 Santal Baby (Santal & Ginger)

You'll be saving $42 dollars and free shipping. Please stop me before I change my mind. 

You have your choice - please note these will be packed in 3 separate boxes for ultimate gifting and in the matte black ceramic jars. 

OFFER FIVE: Three x 4 oz Reed Diffusers with Bamboo Reeds
Reed diffusers are the perfect way to refresh a space on a regular basis. Pick any three and save $15 dollars. Comes with six bamboo reeds. Did you know you can adjust the strength of reed diffusers by adding or subtracting the numbers of reeds? Stopped smelling the fragrance? Flip the reeds to refresh and let the fragrance start to climb up and out into the room. Skin Safe, do not drink! 

These three will be packaged in one box to stay true to our sustainable ethos. If you need them in 3 boxes please email 

You can select 3 (by adding choices in the order notes) from any of our reed diffusers or it will default to:

No. 2 Elle, No. 16 Fira & No. 18 Upstato 

No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose + Lily + Driftwood + Musk)
No. 10 Connoisseur  (Brandied Pear + Vanilla + Nutmeg) *Keep Away from Drunk Friends!) 
No. 16 Fira: (Blood Orange + Bergamot + Juniper Berries)
No. 17 Luxuriate (Whiskey + Labdanum + Cashmere Musk)
No. 18 Upstato: (Cedar + Amaretto + Dark Musk + Oud)
No. 20 Serenity Now: (Lavender + Jasmine + Sandalwood)
No. 24 Gaston: (Leather + Blood Orange)

OFFER SIX: Will be live on Black Friday (we need to save something for the day Darlings! The six limited edition Holiday Fresh Fraser Fir Candle in Olive Green Holder may get a name change to Festivus Fresh. Festivus was a Seinfeld Writer's Dad's creation. He was tired of the commercial nature of the season and decided they would instead celebrate Festivus, for the rest of us on December 23rd aka "an airing of grievances" which also involved meatloaf, a wrestling match and a pole. 

Whiskey & Woof will most definitely be watching the epic Seinfeld Episode about Festivus that is, of course, on the show a creation of George Constanza's dad and is now celebrated throughout the world by Seinfeld Fans. 




Wondering if you can still make a custom order? Yes, but in label only. Custom scents for candles have closed for the year given shipping restrictions and time to develop. I can accommodate label requests for a small fee dependent on the number. Custom reed diffusers could be an elegant alternative to candles for gifting clients. 

Looking for variety of products? Shop our other holiday bundles:

Bundle 1: Reed Diffuser & Room Spray

Bundle 2: Two Whiskey Candles in Whiskey Glasses

Bundle 3: Nail Polish, Votive & Bath Bomb

Bundle 4: Room Spray + Votive


Thank you for supporting a one person business. I take great care with blending these products to delight your noses, tickle your memories and be part of resetting your spaces to from calming, comforting and seasonal to uplifting, sexy and romantic. 

Hand Delivery is available in Brooklyn.  The candles are made with a coconut wax blend, cotton wicks and clean fragrances sourced in the USA. 

Happy Holidays!