PINK 12 Oz Candle Holder: 4 Different Scent Options

PINK 12 Oz Candle Holder: 4 Different Scent Options

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Bring Spring aromas indoors with these chic matte pink candles holders, filled with 12 ounces of wax and fragrance for a long lasting spring aroma. Each candle is made-to-order. 

Please allow 10 days until shipping as these are made-to-order. Comes with a black box tied with ribbon. 

Available in:

No. 17 Luxuriate LIMITED EDITON (also available in Gunmetal and roll-on fragrance )
Notes: Whiskey, Cedar, Cashmere, Musk, Vetiver & Amber 

No. 20 Serenity Now - Lavender, Lemon, Ozone and Sandalwood (also available in reed diffuser and signature black 8.5 oz candle size.) 

No. 26 Hachiko- Japanese Yuzu Blossoms,  Hibikino (Wood), Pear, Peach, and Smokey Oud named for the famous shibu inu who waited every day for his owner at the train station in Tokyo for ten years. That delicate love, loyalty and short life of pure souls and Japanese blossoms seemed a natural marriage of blossom, wood and playful fruits.

No. 30 Reign: Pink Peony, Bamboo, Citrus, Sea Salt, Bergamot & Light  Musk: inspired by dog mom, Melva Benoit, who is the queen of numbers, a great travel buddy and friend with elevated taste. Her reign of knowledge and delicate laughter is reflected in this scented candle balanced with the bamboo balancing the peony to ensure it is elevated, not overwhelming. 

Whiskey & Woof is a Leaping Bunny Certied company. All our products are phthalate free. Looking for another scent? Ask away. 

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