Refillable Lighter
Refillable Lighter
Refillable Lighter

Refillable Lighter

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Getting lit has never been easier with this sleek black matte candle lighter gets the mood set with ease. A stunning addition to any candle tool kit, the flame is adjustable at the bottom and can be refilled over and over. For safety reasons, these lights are shipped without butane.
Add Butane Guide:
1. Before filling, take a small screw driver and adjust the flame height to the lowest setting by turning it clockwise
2. Push the refilling valve with the screwdriver until no hissing sound is heard.
3. Hold the lighter into an upside down position to avoid injecting air inside.
4. Separately, shake the butane can and press the steam directly onto the lighter's refill valve for five seconds, repeat as needed. 
5. Set s timer for four minutes, to allow the fuel to ream room temperature.
6. Lastly, turn the flame adjuster counter clockwise to reach the desired flame height. 
7" x .6"