Fragrance Discovery Kit

Fragrance Discovery Kit

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Sense of smell is personal. Reading about them online might paint the magical scene, smelling them is a whole other experience. Enter the mini fragrance discovery set. 

Inspired by the slow living movement to be in the moment, unplugged and be present, these fragrances are sure to stop anyone in their tracks. 

Each mini is 2 ML. There are two options available a set of four or a set of all nine.

No. 1 SAVOUR is a combination of fresh trees and oranges, conjuring up the taste of fresh food and sea.

No. 2 ELLE: a delightful ocean rose scent that was too delightful to remain solely as a candle. 

No. 3 IGNITEAn essential oil blend of juniper berries, bergamot, black pepper, smokey oud finished with amber and a base of coconut oil. The fire that the dark inspires to come and play - with words, with the mind and the senses. 

No. 5 CAPTIVATE Leather, Vetiver, Amber & Mandarin. All eyes are upon you, and that's how you like it. Captivate yourself. 

No. 16 FIRA: Blood Orange, Juniper Berries, and Bergamot. Fresh, delicious and completely relaxing.

No. 17 LUXURIATE: Cashmere Musk, Whiskey, Labdanum & Vetiver are an intoxicating scent you won't even want to leave your room to share. 

No. 20 SERENITY NOW: Lavender, Sandalwood, Florals & Citrus bring the calm that uplifts and elevates your mood. 

No. 24 GASTON: Whiskey & Blood Orange, added by several requests. 

No. 60 COQUETTE: Dark rose, fig & resins make this is a sultry dreamy scent. 

No. 69 SUMMER OF SEX: Bergamot, Ambergris & Oud. This irresistible fresh combination will get you stopped in the street. 


Other scents may be available by request. 

Fragrances are made with essential and synthetic oils, blended by hand. Why are synthetics used? There are essential oils found in nature that in concentrated form are challenging to get such as ambergris (from a whale) or dangerous. The Synthetics used are all clean and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. 

By default, the fragrances are made with a base of Fractioned Coconut Oil. Fractionated coconut oil is rich in hydrating properties that help to soothe and soften your skin. If you are allergic to coconut email or add to the note section during check out and I will discuss the other options you have (jojoba oil or a plant base.) 

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