No. 30 REIGN: Peony & Bamboo Scented Candle

No. 30 REIGN: Peony & Bamboo Scented Candle

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It's Spring. Time to walk outside, safely seeing the bright pinks and pastels dotting the landscape to brighten your mood. Embracing the pink petals dotting in the wind that float around the air, dancing almost as you move through and catch a wiff of it mingling with other florals and woods. 

Long may she reign.

Inspired by my friend and dog mom, Melva, who is the queen of numbers, a great travel buddy and friend with elevated taste. Her reign of knowledge and delicate laughter is reflected in this scented candle balanced with the bamboo balancing the peony to ensure it is elevated, not overwhelming. 

Top: Nectarine, Bergamot, Sea Salt
Middle: Pink Peony, Rose, Cucumber
Base: Sandalwood, Bamboo, Violet, Tonka Bean