Gift Box Bundles: Send Fabulous
Gift Box Bundles: Send Fabulous
Gift Box Bundles: Send Fabulous

Gift Box Bundles: Send Fabulous

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Care packages are here to enhance and set a calming space for work from home life - for you, family and co-workers o let them know you care them during these uncertain times with beautiful aromas from scented candles, reed diffusers and essential oil perfumes all hand poured.

These scented candles are made in small batches, certified Leaping Bunny cruetly free, phthalate and vegetarian friendly with cotton wicks - note, please trim between burns for a cleaner burn. *Most cotton wicks are "clean" and marketed that way, it is up to the the user, to help reduce "soot" fragrance build up in the wick by trimming it to 1/4" between burns to keep it clean. (Yes, the more you know- this applies to any candle with a wick.)

You have the option to indicate which scents you would like in the notes during checkout. Please see scents included in this promotion below. 

Need help or want to make it dealer's choice? Prefer another scent not listed? Email: 

Options All With Free Shipping Code: STAY HOME

1 x Roll-On Essential Perfume + 2.5 Oz Candle: $40 

1 x Reed Diffuser + 1 x 2.5 Oz Candle = $40 

1 X Reed Diffuser + 1x  8.5 Oz Candle = $83 

1 x Reed Diffuser + 1 Roll On Perfume x 8.5 Oz Candle =$100 
*note the Lavender Candle is only available in 8.5 Oz options

Reed Diffusers you would like in the notes on your order:
No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose Musk) 

No. 10 Connoisseur (Brandied Pear)

No. 18 UPSTATO (Woods, Vetiver & Musk)

No. 20 Serenity Now (Lavender, Lemon, Juniper Berries & Musk)

No. 1 SAVOUR is a combination of fresh trees and oranges, conjuring up the taste of fresh food and sea.

No. 2 ELLE: a delightful ocean rose scent that was too delightful to remain solely as a candle. 

No. 3 IGNITEAn essential oil blend of juniper berries, bergamot, black pepper, smokey oud finished with amber and a base of coconut oil. The fire that the dark inspires to come and play - with words, with the mind and the senses. 

No. 5 CAPTIVATE Leather, Vetiver, Amber & Mandarin. All eyes are upon you, and that's how you like it. Captivate yourself. 


No. 2 Elle (Ocean Rose Musk) 

No. 6 Duchess (Merlot, Rum & Oud)

No. 4 Confidante: (Maple Bourbon)

No. 2 Serenity Now (Lavender, Juniper Berries & Musk) *8.5 ounce only

No. 22 Sophisticate (Bourbon + 21 Musks)