No. 13 GERRARD Oak, Vetiver & Amber Candle
No. 13 GERRARD Oak, Vetiver & Amber Candle
No. 13 GERRARD Oak, Vetiver & Amber Candle

No. 13 GERRARD Oak, Vetiver & Amber Candle

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Imagine a hill full of grass, big paws bounding across it, surrounded by trees. The sun is out as a city skyline can be seen in the distance. A delightful energy abounds as a picnic lunch awaits, the perfect Sunday. That is the spirit of No. 13 Gerrard. 


Top: Mandarin, Sage, Ozone

Middle: Jasmine, Tonka, Cedar

Bottom: Oak, Amber, Vetiver, Dark Musk


It's due it Gerrard’s parents, Jen and Greg that lead me to my own Frenchie, Elle, the inspiration for one half of this company. It's only fitting that the guy who started this pack be honored with a playful scent. 

Please trim your wicks to 1/4" between burnings. The first time you burn a candle, should only be until you have a top melt pool for 2.5 that's 30-45 minutes, for 8.5 that can be up to 3 hours. This will help to avoid tunneling and give you the longest burning time. After that, burn for a maximum of 4 hours to avoid overheating and burning through the wax too fast. 

Note: Please do not spray cleaners or air fresheners near your candles. 

Whiskey & Woof is a Leaping Bunny Certified LLC, made with sustainability in mind from the wax to the packaging. 

2.5 Oz burn time is 10-12 hours

8.5 Oz burn time is 50+ hours

*Any candle can be advertised as a clean burn, however if you do not trim the wick between burns, you will get soot mixed into your burn. All candles are a proprietary coconut wax blend to help the candles burn slower with a stronger scent throw.