Whiskey & Woof is a mindset. Street Wear and Chick accessories and clothing are always welcome. All swag is going through covid-19 shipping delays. These items always ship separately, except where indicted in bundle. My vendor is taking between 21-28 days to fulfill. I do apologize for the delay. 

Originally intended for me to wear at events, the feedback requests to sell them lead to these offerings. Personally I don't want to interact with my cheerful neighbors when my dog wants to go out for morning relief at 5:30 A.M.

Grabbing a hat helps expedite getting outside, easily avoiding long conversations with a mere nod of the cap and not worrying about appearing truculent. There are those who like a crop and a tank, so thank you for those who advocated for those pieces to be included. See your favorite scent missing? Email: 

FACE PROTECTORS: Inspired by my mother, these have currently been taking 25-30 days to be fulfilled. 

I appreciate all of you, that is why I have kept the prices as low as possible. 

Thank you for embracing Whiskey & Woof.

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