The sets are special offerings that are meant to encourage mixing scented products as well as tools to prolong the life of candles. Burning more than one scent at a time is a way to set the ambiance of your environment. Experimenting with different scents helps our clients to find out what works best for their space. 

This is why the sets are a savings for our clients. The Heir & The Spare separately would cost $83. The 1 Whiskey, 1 Woof Votive Sets offer a savings of $15 when all five votives are purchased. As a new business, Whiskey & Woof is always looking for ways to help new clients discover their favorite scents. 

There are only six weeks left in this decade, regardless our motto is to use the good flatware, wear the new trainers, wear brown in town (British Banking rule no. 516 "No brown in town,"), and to enjoy life. A bad moment can be turned around by entering a warm, inviting space. So flirt, make the effort, take a risk and burn different candle scents. 

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