No. 2 ELLE:  Essential Oil Fragrance & Candle Bundle

No. 2 ELLE: Essential Oil Fragrance & Candle Bundle

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Our muse Elle's scent, No. 2 ELLE ocean rose was too good to stay indoors. Now available as a roll-on fragrance made with essential oils and coconut oil. 

Bring Summer early with this combined duo and get your fill or roses.

This ocean rose scent captures a cinematic walk outside at dusk. Fresh florals mix in the air with the Black Sea, as you follow the paw prints in the damp sand, toes crushing into it, as the sun's journey paints the sky in pinks, oranges and yellows. 

Number 2. Elle, is lush rose scent to make every day fresh and romantic. This is perfect for anyone who prefers floral scents. The musk base prevents this candle from being overpowering. All candles are made with Phthalate free fragrances. All our products are ethically sourced, non-toxic and cruelty free. 


Top Notes: Rose, Amber and Geranium

Base: Sandalwood and Dark Musk