Holiday Gifts 2020

Oh the weather outside, so let's create inside space we find comforting and elegant, rich and soothing. Take time to give yourself some good mental space and fill the air with the best smells around and self care that says you are keep yourself on an even keel, thinking of friends and family and revealing in the space that is "safe." 

Whether you are gifting to yourself or others, sending a pick me up brings a smile to faces that have sat too long in a straight line or a frown. It's the Silly Season. Indulgence? Who hasn't earned moments of self care and enjoyment in 2020? Reset your mood for the end of the year as we spirit it away into better times to come. 

Want to create a unique gift? Email: to order a custom candle. 



5 ounce, 7 ounce whiskey candle in a whiskey glass you can use afterwards or a 9 ounce candle. 


Bath Bomb (Rose, Lavender, Blood Orange or Cashmere)


Soap: Rose or Blood Orange