Holiday Bundles

We put together four holiday bundles to help you shop now, skip the stress and get right to gifting success. You run the holidays, they don't run you. Fatigue is for those who don't plan but you are planning on smiles, cheers and oh yeah, that extra smile that says "you nailed it." 

Looking to leave a long lasting impression? Bundle #1 

Have a corporate gift you need? Whiskey Fan? Bundle #2 

Self care kit? Stocking Stuffer? Stand by gift for that random person who pops in with a gift you weren't planning to include? Bundle #3

Pushing the entertaining into overdrive with people coming in and out, the holiday layers can leave an impression on clothing. Make outside unwanted smells gone with Bundle #4. 

Which one suits your needs? Not sure? Need help email 

* My favorite custom order last year was for 10 reed diffusers for a family spread out all over the country. I am accepting custom orders until November 15th to guarantee delivery. 

Thank you!


Founder & CEO Whiskey & Woof